Why Electric Propulsion?

Electric sailboat propulsion systems are cost-effective, yet CLEAN, GREEN and QUIET!

Advantages of Electric Propulsion Systems

No trips to the gas dock; No oil and grease in the bilge Environmentally friendly

No burning of fossil fuels, eliminates fuel on board Generates power while under sail Add a wind generator or solar panels and become energy self-sufficient

Have a relaxed cruise around the marina or lake. Hear the water lapping the hull and the rolling swish of the wake No need to raise your voice so your crew (and everyone else in the harbor) can hear you

Instant power, improved maneuverability...
Instant On; No warm-up time No shifting, no grinding of gears while trying to wiggle out of a tight docking situation Powerful– full motor torque is available from zero RPM to full speed "Electric sail" with a small power boost when the wind is light

Great for racers...
Total system weight can be as low as 250lbs No warm up time, no engine stalls, no maintenance Get to the start line with minimum hassle, in minimum time

Excellent for the weekend sailor...
Perfect for lake sailors; plenty of power and range to get out to sail Enough range for weekend sailors to motor home, if the wind dies

The right choice for many serious cruisers
Extended Battery Range with E-Prop Motor Sailing Generates power when under sail (Regeneration) Extend range indefinitely with a gas or diesel generator Never worry about clogged fuel systems or engine maintenance

Moored boats (off grid)
Add a wind generator or solar panels and "re-generate" power when sailing No need to carry fuel, engine parts or tools back and forth to your boat

Electric Yacht Extends warranty
coverage on all QuietTorque
systems from 2 to 3 years!

We appreciate the opportunity to discuss your application.

Let us assist you in designing your system.

We can provide a Range vs Speed performance estimate and include projections showing what you can expect from the optimum EY Quietorque™ or Weekender Hybrid System, Battery Bank alternatives, and Charging Methods based on your specific requirements.