QuieTorqueTM Pure Electric Propulsion

Enhance your boating experience with a Reliable, Clean, Green and Quiet Electric Yacht "plug & play" e-prop or hybrid system.

We also provide "custom" solutions for more specific applications. Based on the success and reliability of our QuietTorque™ Electric and H-Drive hybrid offerings, we are pleased to announce an extension of our product warranty period! Also, ask about extended warranty coverage. Curious? Please fill out the form at the "Contact Us" link and we will provide a design solution to meet your needs. Please advise if you would prefer email or telephone reply.

Click Here for the 3 easy steps of motor conversion.

Electric Yacht Extends warranty
coverage on all QuietTorque
systems from 2 to 3 years!

We appreciate the opportunity to discuss your application.

Let us assist you in designing your system.

We can provide a Range vs Speed performance estimate and include projections showing what you can expect from the optimum EY Quietorque™ or Weekender Hybrid System, Battery Bank alternatives, and Charging Methods based on your specific requirements.