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QuieTorqueTM Electric Motors

5.0, 10.0, 20.0, 30.0

What separates an Electric Yacht QuietTorque™ electric propulsion motor from the rest? a word... VALUE! Click Here for the 3 easy steps of motor conversion.

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QT 5.0 SaildriveTM

Clean, Green, and Quiet!

Electric propulsion systems engineered and built by sailors for sailors since 2004! The QT5.0 SaildriveTM recommended for boats up to 28' (LOA) and 7,000lbs displacement. Built to provide hull speed and maximum range for each installatrion. Typical battery size is 100Ah 48v or more.

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Batteries, Solar, Wind, Hydro - check back for newest products added

The regeneration of batteries positively impacts the environment and saves the boater a lot of money. Extending the life of a battery decreases the number of batteries brought to dumps and recycling centers which decreases pollution.

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