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I can’t remember the first time I saw a hamburger. Perhaps that’s an inside term but if you don’t know that hamburger is the word used for the three line navigation icon on web sites and apps then you probably aren’t reading my blog and for sure don’t care about my meat eating habits. I don’t eat meat by the way. It’s worse then fossil fuels for the environment in case you didn’t know but that’s besides the point. The blue burger at Riordan’s Saloon was good but then they closed, which is further off the point. That point being that it’s hard to believe that some people don’t know that the 3 lines is the navigation but that’s the difficulty of unknowing something. And there was of course a time when less knew and it was riskier to use. You won’t see it on one of my sites unless your device is less then 768 pixels across. That said it’s nice to know some history behind it.

A Brief History of the Hamburger Icon

How to solve The hamburger icon problem