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So this is the time of year that business picks up and I regularly reflect on the summer and what should have gotten done with any free time. Partially because of the break involved with working for schools and perhaps partially because summer school was etched into my routine from an early age, learning discipline has been synonymous with the warmer months of the year. Because of the ever changing tools and technology involved with web design reviewing online classes has been part of looking back to see what worked and what didn’t. Luckily there has been major advances in online learning including real time syntax checkers and interactive quizzes resulting in immensely improved lessons in recent years. For someone that spent a decade in art school and who freelances for a living it takes a good online course to keep the motivation up enough to see it to the end and one school I keep going back to is Udemy. The number of classes as well as free classes and 15 dollar class specials were what attracted me but the quality is for sure there. They have now taken “free” one step further and have been putting introductory lessons into their blog so no login is needed to get started with them. I found the Bootstrap blog useful but now to retake those js and php classes so they stick better.

Bootstrap Tutorial: A Guide for Beginners

WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap (not free)

Other good schools