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I haven’t blogged about inspiring images in a good while…

Recently I came across Beth Moon who I’ve found to have a great combination of concept and down right stunning imagery. Where a photograph is rarely completely non-conceptual, I grew weary and skeptical over the years of art that people seem to like once they knew the meaning behind it. Moons drive to document ancient trees, that are still alive possibly only because they’re so far from civilization, coupled with the archival platinum printing process blows my mind. The prints, at first looking a little on the gray side to me, expand the longer you look at them and notice how many tones of grey there are. Both her tree series, the color “Diamond Nights” with starry skies as a backdrop and “Portrait of Time” with roots growing over monuments and alien shaped trunks are hugely impressive. I also like her animal shots and painterly “Thy Kingdom Come” portraits. I take it no animals were harmed in the making of those.

Beth Moon’s Site

See some real big versions

Her interview with Joan Sullivan on