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There’s so many opinions concerning the ethics of photoshopping these days. From politics with Iran cloning to make their weapons seem more ominous, to race relations with peoples skin being lightened, editing to the extreme seems to be in fashion. For sure the news media shouldn’t be using it much and actors and models show dissatisfaction when caught for PR reasons mostly perhaps. Movie posters get away with just about anything because of the fantastical medium… except when giving Kiera Knightly larger breasts. I do like Kiera’s concepts about people who started with film photography seeing a subject and not just a screen. I guess my point is that the editing calls aren’t being made by the digital artist as much as the boss. One would say the decision is above our pay grade. That begs the question of what trends or egos philosophically lead to the attempt to alter reality or at least perception. Maybe more interesting is the beauty standards by country.

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