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Every now and then a topic comes up that I feel like writing about which isn’t obviously visual art or design oriented. While the original desire to explore the realm of art and design with this blog encompasses many things, music perhaps pushes the boundaries a bit… or not.

Music is such a huge part of life both creative and other wise. Without getting too personal I’ll just assume it’s as important for everyone as it is for me.

For sure art isn’t just tactile. Music is such an important part of everything that wondering about it’s intrinsic value is something that entertains my curiosity. This would be measured against it’s market value and education value which both seem to be dwindling in the public arena however important they are. It’s safe to say that music creates immeasurable amounts of inspiration for all. The problem is that there’s so much of it and such easy access to it that it feels free. My expansive wide taste in music over the years has now settled on soul. “They will bury me a Mod” anyways. That’s of course a Paul Weller quote.

Our culture loves music. Too bad our economy doesn’t value it.

Who killed the music industry?