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There’s been a lot of talk about Facebooks continuous Terms and Conditions changes and how much they’re asking people to give up. FB wanting to track peoples location is pretty disturbing but being a photographer I thought I’d address image rights. I’ve always posted pictures small enough that they basically can’t be used for anything but if facebook is using them in web ads then there’s no size small enough while still worth posting. Some are using watermarks but I figure that if it’s large enough to work then it makes the image look bad and defeats the point of posting. While I don’t like the idea of facebook using me or my images for ads they are providing a service that helps get music and art out there. The problem I think I have is when someone wants to buy exclusive rights to an image. It sounds like the terms would conflict and I could loose the sale. The water is a bit murcky as to how well deleting an image from FB settles this and whether FB updates their ad servers to reflect it. The one thing I do know is that the legal blurb people have been posting in attempt to retain rights doesn’t changes a thing. That said I have come close to posting it more then once.

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