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I’ve always wanted to create a font, but there’s so many good ones already. Perhaps just a unique question mark. My web work has me picking apart typeface. Mainly things like… Nobel will pass as Futura unless there’s an “a” in the headline. Webtype, Typekit, Myfonts, Google all have made things easier or maybe harder since clients can be more particular. Anyways it’s always nice knowing some history and finding out where you’ve seen certain fonts without realizing it can be fun. The san serif Gotham is the topic.

How The Gotham Typeface Came To Define Our Era

Here’s an incredible, unlikely but fully awesome success story if I’ve ever seen one. Local punk rocker turned Leica photographer. I’ve been called stupid for having a good camera in the pit… it actually makes it extra fun because of the challenge and potential sacrifice. Love the “in your face” shots.

Chris Suspect – City Paper Article

Leica Gallery

Suspect’s site – Suspect Device

This is an interesting experiment that cross references peoples ideal self image with scientifically established canons of beauty. The one enhancement that I use in Photoshop and the most noticeable to me is the lightening and enlarging of eyes.

What People Really Want To Look Like

Film is making a come back. Too bad they stopped making T-Max 3200 last year but rolls of 2 1/4 film shot with the Holga are piling up so gotta find a new lab.

Traditional camera film – The Telegraph

My photo show is half way through it’s month stay at 49 West. My photo site:

Exciting new art Media/Events

Upstart Annapolis – New Art/Media mag starting this winter.
Annapolis Fringe Festival – Saturday, Oct 4 2014
Annapolis Underground – The first issue.

Looks like the fate of the Corcoran Gallery is still up in the air. I find that I’m a little emotionally involved due to taking painting classes there in my youth and seeing so many great art shows there over the years. Just read the suggestion of a new Board of Trustees which I suppose gets my vote if mismanagement was the factor. Can’t help but relate the situation with that of the Barnes Foundation seeing how the courts are deciding who gets the 2 billion dollars worth of art.

So the battle is over and it’s sad that they’re no longer a stand alone entity and that a bunch of teachers were sacked. The up side… since GWU is a client and they have absorbed the art school, I now do website and marketing work for the Corcoran.

Our Fantasy Board of Directors for an (Imaginary) New Corcoran

Save the Corcoran – News

The Art of the Steal – the Barnes Foundation documentary

Speaking of ghosting… came across Jakob Wagners Urban Zoom series that looks pretty great.

Urban Zoom

When an artist can make you rethink what you dig in art they fully deserve a mention. I have always been into the photo ghosting techniques that probably came from accidents while shooting low light situations… but never double exposures. Daniella Zalcman makes beautiful cityscapes with both New York and London in them that exude an indescribable calm rather then the noisy clutter you’d expect. No wonder my grades in Aesthetic Crit were so bad. Love her photo journalism as well.

The Photos

There’s been some good flat anamorphic illusions by brusspup featured on Nat Geo with a Rubics Cube and Converse Allstars but Canons new Pixus Printer optical illusion commercial for sure tops it with robot figurines. Must upgrade from the Pixma I use.

Japanese Canon Commercial

Sutu is back to his augmented reality interactive comics with a kickstarter for a project called Modern Polaxis, in which a physical comic book will come to life when an iPad/iPhone is pointed at it. May be the reason I get an iPad.

Nawlz – Webby winning interactive comic.
Modern Polaxis
Sutu’s site